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Vivian Health Plugin: Your Personal Job Search Assistant - 2023

The Vivian Health Plugin has completely transformed our job search experience, making it easier and faster to find the perfect healthcare job. This powerful tool acts as a personal assistant, understanding our unique needs and preferences and providing us with highly relevant job opportunities.

Using the plugin is incredibly straightforward. Upon starting a conversation, the plugin asks a series of targeted questions. These questions cover important aspects such as job periodicity, location, specialty, and pay. We were impressed by how comprehensive and specific these questions were, allowing us to provide our preferences accurately.

In terms of job periodicity, the plugin gives us the flexibility to choose between travel, permanent, per diem, local contract, or locum jobs. This feature is especially useful for professionals who have different preferences at different times in their career.

When it comes to location, the plugin enables us to specify multiple preferred locations. This means we can cast a wider net and explore job opportunities in different areas, giving us more options to find the perfect fit.

The plugin also allows us to select our preferred job specialty. Whether we're looking for a nursing position, a medical technologist role, or any other healthcare specialty, the plugin presents us with job suggestions tailored to our specific field.

And, of course, pay is a crucial aspect of any job search. The plugin takes this into account as well, allowing us to specify our preferred pay range. This ensures that we only see job opportunities that align with our salary expectations.

Once we've provided all our preferences, the plugin works its magic and searches for job opportunities that match our criteria. We were amazed by how quickly it presents us with a list of highly relevant job suggestions. It's clear that the plugin utilizes the information we provide to deliver the most suitable opportunities.

Reviewing the job suggestions is a breeze. The plugin presents them in a user-friendly format, making it easy to navigate and assess each opportunity. We appreciate the clarity and organization of the information provided, allowing us to quickly determine which jobs are of interest.

When we come across a job that catches our eye, the plugin conveniently provides a direct link to apply for the position on the Vivian Health website. This seamless integration streamlines the application process and saves us valuable time.

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