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  • Artificial Agency raises $16M to bring AI-powered behavior to games

    Artificial Agency, an AI startup pioneering generative behavior for gaming, emerged from stealth and announced $16 million in funding.

  • Portal needed for victims to report AI deepfakes, federal police union says

    Parliamentary inquiry told police forced to ‘cobble together’ laws to prosecute man who allegedly spread deepfake images of womenFollow our Australia news live blog for latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastA one-stop portal for victims to report AI deepfakes to police should be established, the federal police union has said, lamenting that police were forced to “cobble together” laws to charge the first person to face prosecution for spreading deepfake images of womenlast year.The attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, introduced legislation in parliament in June that will create a new criminal offence of sharing, without consent, sexually explicit images that have been digitally created using artificial intelligence or other forms of technology.Sign up for Guardian Australia’s free morning and afternoon email newsletters for your daily news roundup Continue reading...

  • Scarlett Johansson says OpenAI’s Sam Altman would make a good Marvel villain after voice dispute

    Actor, who claimed ChatGPT update used an imitation of her voice, says she declined to provide her own as ‘it went against my core values’Scarlett Johansson has spoken out against OpenAI and deepfake technology, saying it was “so disturbing” and she was “so angry” after the company seemingly mimicked her voice for its ChatGPT system Sky.The actor made headlines earlier this year when she issued a public statement saying OpenAI’s chief executive, Sam Altman, had contacted her in September 2023 to provide the voice for Sky, in an ode to her role in the Spike Jones film Her, but she had declined for “personal reasons”. In May, as the company released Sky, Altman shared a tweet that simply read “her”. Continue reading...

  • Creating and verifying stable AI-controlled systems in a rigorous and flexible way

    Neural network controllers provide complex robots with stability guarantees, paving the way for the safer deployment of autonomous vehicles and industrial machines.

  • From reality to fantasy: Live2Diff AI brings instant video stylization to life

    Live2Diff, developed by an international team from Shanghai AI Lab, Max Planck Institute, and Nanyang Technological University, pioneers uni-directional attention in video diffusion models, enabling near real-time stylization of live video streams.

  • Wayfair and Zendesk CTOs on how gen AI will transform CX

    As enterprises increasingly adopt gen AI tools, they must do so with an eye on enhancing customer experience (CX).

  • Briefly Bio raises $1.2M to build the GitHub of science experiments

    Briefly Bio has already roped in early customers and has plans to create a ‘Github-like public version of the platform for open sharing and collaboration on scientific data.

  • Ant insights lead to robot navigation breakthrough

    Have you ever wondered how insects are able to go so far beyond their home and still find their way? The answer to this question is not only relevant to biology but also to making the AI for tiny, autonomous robots. Drone-researchers felt inspired by biological findings on how ants visually recognize their environment and combine it with counting their steps in order to get safely back home. They have used these insights to create an insect-inspired autonomous navigation strategy for tiny, lightweight robots. It allows such robots to come back home after long trajectories, while requiring extremely little computation and memory (0.65 kiloByte per 100 m). In the future, tiny autonomous robots could find a wide range of uses, from monitoring stock in warehouses to finding gas leaks in industrial sites.

  • Microsoft’s Designer AI image generator comes to iOS, Android with new features

    Microsoft hopes the new capabilities and expanded access will boost the usage of Designer, propelling it ahead of competing models.

  • Study: Large language models are biased, but can still help analyze complex data

    In a pilot study, posted to the arXiv preprint server, researchers have found evidence that large language models (LLMs) have the ability to analyze controversial topics such as the Australian Robodebt scandal in similar ways to humans—and sometimes exhibit similar biases.

  • OpenAI used a game to help AI models explain themselves better

    OpenAI's work seeks to give people a framework to train models to better explain how they arrived at particular answers.

  • OpenAI Touts New AI Safety Research. Critics Say It’s a Good Step, but Not Enough

    The company announced a new technique to make the workings of its systems more transparent, but people familiar with OpenAI say more oversight is needed.

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