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Quiver Quantitative

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Quiver Quantitative: Harness the Power of Data to Navigate the Financial World – A Review - 2023

Quiver Quantitative is a plugin that offers a wide range of data on congressional stock trading, lobbying, insider trading, and proposed legislation through the Quiver Quantitative platform. Using this plugin, we can access extensive information about the financial world, specifically related to the US Congress. It is an exceptional tool for individuals interested in finance, politics, or staying updated on the actions of those in power.

Using Quiver Quantitative is simple and straightforward. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Start by determining the type of information you want to explore. This plugin can provide data on congressional stock trading, corporate lobbying, insider trading, and recent legislation.

Step 2: Once you've decided, proceed to ask for the specific information you require. For example, if you're interested in recent congressional stock trades, you can simply say, "Show me recent congressional stock trades." If there's a particular stock ticker you want to focus on, you can also mention it in your request, such as "Show me congressional trades for the Apple stock."

Step 3: The plugin will promptly provide you with a detailed report based on your request. The report may include crucial details like the name of the person who made the trade, the date of the trade, the quantity of shares traded, and the price per share.

Step 4: Utilize the information obtained to enhance your understanding of the financial world. By analyzing the provided data, you might identify patterns in the trades or discover prominent companies heavily involved in lobbying activities. This valuable insight can contribute to making more informed decisions about your own investments and allow for a better understanding of the overall financial landscape.

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