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Prompt Hotkey

Prompt Hotkey

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Streamline Your AI Interactions with Prompt Hotkey: A Review - 2023

Review of the Prompt Hotkey Plugin:

We had the opportunity to test the Prompt Hotkey plugin for ChatGPT, and we must say that it impressed us with its ability to save time and streamline AI interactions. This versatile plugin allows users to create custom hotkeys, or shortcuts, for specific prompts, adding a personal touch to their AI experience.

Using the Prompt Hotkey plugin is straightforward. Once installed, users can easily create their own hotkeys by typing 'add' or 'create' followed by the desired hotkey and the prompt they want it to trigger. This feature is particularly useful for those who frequently use specific prompts and want quick and convenient access to them.

To use the created hotkeys, users simply need to type 'hotkey' or 'Hotkey' followed by the designated hotkey. The plugin will then replace the hotkey with the associated prompt, allowing for seamless and efficient interactions with the AI.

We found the plugin's prompt examples to be particularly helpful in understanding its potential. For instance, if you often ask the AI to tell you a joke, you can create a hotkey 'j' that triggers the prompt 'Tell me a joke'. Similarly, if you frequently inquire about the weather, a hotkey 'w' can be set to trigger the prompt 'What's the weather like today?'. These examples demonstrate how the Prompt Hotkey plugin can be customized to cater to individual needs and preferences.

Managing hotkeys is also a breeze with this plugin. Users can view a comprehensive list of all their hotkeys and their associated prompts by simply saying 'get all' or 'list all'. Should the need arise, deleting a hotkey is as easy as typing 'delete' followed by the hotkey to remove.

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