Achieve your fitness goals with Planfit.

Planfit: Your AI-Powered Personal Workout Coach for Tailored Fitness Routines

Get customized workout plans and expert guidance with Planfit, your AI-powered Workout Coach. Achieve your fitness goals, anytime, anywhere.

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Planfit: Your Personalized Fitness Guide at your Fingertips - A Review - 2023

Planfit is an incredible plugin that we had the pleasure of testing ourselves. We were truly impressed by its ability to deliver tailored workout plans and instructions, all thanks to its powerful AI-powered Workout Coach.

One of the standout features of Planfit is its personalized approach. It takes into consideration your unique needs and circumstances, whether you're a beginner just starting out or a seasoned fitness enthusiast. With Planfit, you can rest assured that the workout routines suggested to you will be suitable for your fitness level.

Using Planfit is a breeze. To get started, simply provide some basic information about yourself, such as your gender, fitness level, body weight, and the muscle parts you want to train. You'll also need to specify whether you'll be working out at home or at the gym. This information is crucial in tailoring a workout routine that suits your specific needs.

Once you've provided this information, Planfit works its magic and generates a personalized workout routine just for you. This routine includes a comprehensive list of exercises, along with clear instructions on how to perform each one. It's like having a personal trainer right at your fingertips, guiding you through every step of your workout.

We were particularly impressed by the inclusion of instructional videos. Planfit understands that it's not always easy to grasp new exercises just from written instructions. That's why it goes the extra mile by providing videos that demonstrate the proper form and technique for each movement. This feature is especially valuable for beginners who may be unsure about how to perform certain exercises correctly.

Planfit also emphasizes the importance of consistency in reaching your fitness goals. To help you stay on track, it provides a new workout routine each day. This variety not only keeps things interesting but also ensures that you're continuously challenging your body and making progress.

Main Features

How to Enable Planfit for ChatGPT

How to Set Up and Use Planfit on ChatGPT

1. Logging into ChatGPT

To start using Planfit, first, ensure you are logged into your ChatGPT account. Visit the ChatGPT website and enter your login details to access your account.

2. Accessing the GPT-4 Plugin

chatgpt screenshot 1

If you are not subscribed: To access plugins like Planfit, you need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber. If you are not, click here to subscribe.

If you are subscribed: Navigate to the top of the page and click on "GPT-4." Then select "Plugins" and click on the label stating "No plugins enabled" to open the plugin store.

chatgpt screenshot 2

3. Finding Planfit

Planfit Screenshot

In the plugin store, use the search field to find the plugin. Type "Planfit" and press enter. You can refine your search using various filters such as release date or popularity to find other tools as well.

4. Enabling Planfit

Planfit Screenshot

Once you locate the plugin in the store:

Click "install" to add it to your ChatGPT. Return to the dashboard. Click on "GPT-4" at the top of the page. Choose Planfit from your list of installed plugins to activate it.

5. Getting Started

Now that Plugin is activated, it's time to learn the basics:

In the ChatGPT search prompt, type "Give me commands for Planfit." Follow the guided prompts to familiarize yourself with the plugin functions and features.

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