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NJSI Beta by SSG: Explore New Career Paths and Skills

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NJSI Beta by SSG

NJSI Beta by SSG

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Unlock Your Career Potential with NJSI Beta by SSG: A Personal Career Advisor at Your Fingertips - 2023

The NJSI Beta by SSG is an impressive plugin that provides valuable insights and intelligence on national job skills. With the help of Skillsfuture Singapore AI Graph, this plugin offers a comprehensive understanding of the job market landscape, enabling users to explore new career paths, understand the necessary skills for different jobs, and discover relevant courses to acquire those skills.

Using the plugin is straightforward and user-friendly. Begin by providing your current job title to the plugin, which will search its database and assign a unique code known as the SSOC code corresponding to your job. This code will serve as a reference point for further exploration.

With your SSOC code in hand, you can then request the plugin to find jobs similar to your current one but potentially offering a higher salary. The plugin will promptly display a list of these jobs, along with the required skills for transitioning into them.

If you find a job that piques your interest from the list, you can delve deeper by requesting the plugin to provide additional information about that specific job. The plugin will then furnish you with a detailed comparison between your current job and the one you're interested in, highlighting the skills you would need to acquire for the transition.

Suppose you identify the need to develop new skills in order to pursue your desired job. In that case, you can rely on the plugin to recommend relevant courses for skill acquisition. You will receive a curated list of courses that can aid you in acquiring the necessary skills for your chosen career path.

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