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Unbiased Recommendations: ListFriendly Helps You Find the Best Real Estate Agents to Sell Your Home - 2023

ListFriendly is an exceptional plugin that assists users in finding the perfect real estate agents to effectively sell their homes. This tool is specifically designed for users in the United States and employs a sophisticated algorithm that considers seven key parameters derived from each agent's recent home sales, which are highly relevant to the user's input. By objectively measuring performance, ListFriendly delivers comprehensive and unbiased recommendations.

Using ListFriendly is a breeze – simply search for the plugin in the ChatGPT store or click the "try it" button on the top right of the page to initiate a chat with the already activated plugin. Next, users need to provide specific details about the property they wish to sell. This includes the property's zip code, estimated price, and property type (such as single-family home, townhouse, condo, etc.).

Once all the necessary details have been entered, the plugin generates a list of real estate agents who are ranked as the best to sell the user's home. The algorithm considers factors such as an agent's performance, experience, local knowledge, and more to determine their ranking.

A key feature of ListFriendly is the provision of detailed metrics for each recommended agent. These metrics offer valuable insights such as the number and price range of sold homes of the same type as the user's property, the number of homes sold in the user's zip code, and the average days on the market for all sold homes. This information empowers users to make informed decisions when selecting an agent.

To illustrate how to use ListFriendly, here are a couple of prompt examples:
1. "Find the best real estate agents to sell my single-family home in zip code 90210, estimated price $1,000,000."
2. "Who are the top real estate agents for selling condos in zip code 10001, estimated price $750,000?"

It's important to note that ListFriendly is a comprehensive tool that offers unbiased recommendations. It does not prioritize specific agents based on membership or payment of fees. If you're seeking the best real estate agents tailored to effectively sell your home, ListFriendly is an excellent resource to utilize.

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