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Our team had the opportunity to test and review the Assistant and Flights Search plugin for ChatGPT. We were impressed by its capabilities in simplifying the travel planning process and providing users with a range of flight options.

Using the plugin is straightforward. Once installed, users can easily activate it and begin their flight search by providing the necessary parameters, such as the IATA codes for departure and arrival locations, preferred travel dates, and the maximum number of stopovers. For those searching for return flights, the plugin allows users to specify a date range for the return journey.

After inputting all the required information, the plugin generates a list of flight itineraries that match the user's criteria. Each itinerary includes a search link, making the booking process seamless.

We found the interface of the Assistant and Flights Search plugin to be intuitive and user-friendly. It simplifies the search for flights by providing a comprehensive range of options based on the user's preferences. Whether you're planning a quick getaway or a longer vacation, this plugin can help you find the most affordable and convenient flights.

Here are a couple of examples of prompts that can be used with the plugin:

- "Find flights from LAX to JFK departing between 01/04/2023 and 01/05/2023."
- "Search for return flights from LHR to DXB departing on 01/06/2023 and returning between 01/09/2023 and 01/11/2023."

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