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Crack Cryptic Crosswords with Crossword Genius: A Review - 2023

Crossword Genius is an impressive ChatGPT plugin that we had the opportunity to try out ourselves. As crossword enthusiasts, we found this specialized plugin to be extremely helpful in solving cryptic crossword puzzles. Whether you're a seasoned solver or a beginner, Crossword Genius offers a range of features to aid you in cracking those complex clues.

Using Crossword Genius is a breeze. You can easily find and activate the plugin by searching for "Crossword Genius" in the ChatGPT plugin store or simply clicking the "try it" button. Once activated, a chat window will open with the plugin ready to assist you.

To get started, all you need to do is provide the crossword clue you're struggling with. It's important to include any known letters in the solution, using '?' for unknown letters. Once you've entered the clue, you have the option to choose between hints or solutions, depending on the level of assistance you require.

If you're looking for a gentle nudge in the right direction, the hints feature is invaluable. It provides you with useful clues and suggestions, allowing you to make progress while still engaging your problem-solving skills. On the other hand, if you find yourself completely stumped, the solutions feature comes to the rescue. It provides you with the correct answer along with a thorough explanation, helping you understand the logic behind it.

Interacting with Crossword Genius is a delight. The plugin understands various prompt formats, making it easy to communicate with. For instance, you can ask for hints or solutions using prompts such as "Give me hints for the clue 'A heavenly body that's round (4)' with the pattern '???'" or "What's the answer to the clue 'A heavenly body that's round (4)' with the pattern '???'". The responsiveness and accuracy of the plugin's output impressed us greatly.

Crossword Genius truly enhances the ChatGPT crossword-solving experience. With its comprehensive assistance and interactive functionality, it allows users to improve their skills while enjoying an engaging puzzle session. Whether you're in need of a small nudge or a full solution, Crossword Genius has you covered. We highly recommend this plugin to all crossword enthusiasts out there. Give it a try and take your crossword-solving abilities to the next level!

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