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Crafty Clues: Engage in a Word-Guessing Game with Clever AI Clues

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Crafty Clues

Crafty Clues

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Clever AI Clues and Challenging Gameplay: Crafty Clues Review - 2023

Crafty Clues is an exciting and interactive word-guessing game that we thoroughly enjoyed testing. This plugin integrates seamlessly with our chatbot, allowing us to play this engaging game with the AI.

To start a game, all we had to do was ask the AI to begin a game of Crafty Clues. The AI would then explain the rules and ask if we wanted to add any additional restrictions to the clues. We found that these extra restrictions added an element of challenge and made the game even more interesting.

Once the game started, the AI utilized the plugin to generate a new target word and its related words. It cleverly constructed a clue for the target word without using the target word itself or any of the disallowed words. The clues were well thought out and provided us with just the right amount of information, making the game both challenging and enjoyable.

When it was time to make a guess, we were allowed only one attempt. However, we were pleased to find that small typos or inexact conjugations were still considered correct. This feature ensured that we could fully engage in the game without being penalized for minor mistakes.

After guessing, the AI promptly informed us whether our guess was correct. Additionally, it revealed which words it was not allowed to use in the clues, adding another layer of intrigue to the game. We appreciated this feedback as it allowed us to understand the reasoning behind the clues and improve our future guessing strategies.

The game consisted of five rounds in total, and at the end, the AI provided a final score. The competitive aspect of the game kept us hooked and motivated to play more rounds.

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