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Efficiently Manage Your Business with BUZZ.NEW: A Smart Chat Plugin Review - 2023

Our experience with the BUZZ.NEW plugin has been quite positive. As a smart business creator for business management, it effectively simplifies the process of creating, managing inventory, and handling orders. This plugin functions as a virtual assistant, providing seamless assistance in running your business smoothly.

Using BUZZ.NEW is straightforward and user-friendly. To get started, you simply need to create your business by providing basic information such as the business name, a unique alias, a description, email address, and WhatsApp number. Additionally, you can easily list your products and categories in a single command. This initial setup allows you to establish your business presence quickly.

Taking orders with BUZZ.NEW is a breeze. When a customer wishes to place an order, they simply need to provide your business alias and the details of their order. The plugin takes care of handling and processing the order, minimizing any potential complications for both you and the customer.

The communication aspect of the plugin is also impressive. Customers can easily ask questions directly through the BUZZ.NEW plugin by providing your business alias and their query. You receive the question and can promptly respond, facilitating efficient and effective communication with your customers.

Furthermore, the plugin allows for seamless deletion of your business from the system when necessary. By providing the business alias and your email address, the plugin takes care of all the necessary removal processes, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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