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Unlock the Power of Your PDFs with AskYourPDF Pro: A Game-Changing ChatGPT Plugin Review - 2023

AskYourPDF Pro is an excellent plugin for ChatGPT that greatly enhances the functionality and accessibility of PDF documents. With this plugin, users can effortlessly interact with their PDFs and extract valuable information with ease.

Installation is a breeze, as users can simply search for AskYourPDF Pro in the ChatGPT plugin store and install it. Alternatively, they can start a chat with the plugin already activated by clicking the "try it" button. No lengthy setup process is required.

Once installed, users can query their PDF documents in two convenient ways. They can either use a URL linking to their PDF document online or upload a local PDF file to and use the provided document ID for querying. This flexibility allows users to retrieve information from PDFs stored both online and locally.

When using a URL, users can enter their prompt or question directly in the dialogue box and paste the PDF URL. The plugin then analyzes the content of the PDF to generate accurate answers. Uploading a local PDF is just as straightforward, as users can visit, select the desired PDF file, and receive a document ID to input in the dialogue box.

The plugin provides example prompts to guide users in querying their documents effectively. For instance, users can ask for definitions or summaries of specific sections within the PDF. The plugin leverages its robust database to quickly locate and extract the requested information.

In the rare case of encountering an API error while querying, users are provided with a simple workaround. They can download the PDF file, manually upload it to the AskYourPDF website, and proceed with their interaction using the generated 'doc_id'.

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