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Powerful Analytics Made Simple: AnalyticsAI Review - 2023

AnalyticsAI is an incredible plugin that seamlessly integrates with Google Analyticsâ„¢, allowing users to retrieve data and harness the power of artificial intelligence through straightforward prompts.

To begin using AnalyticsAI, installation is a breeze. Simply search for the plugin in the ChatGPT plugin store or click the "try it" button at the top right of this page to initiate a chat with the plugin already activated. No complicated setup required!

Fetching properties from your Google Analytics account is effortless with the 'getProperties' function. This handy feature presents you with a list of Google Analytics properties associated with your account, providing you with easy access to the data you need.

When it comes to fetching data, AnalyticsAI truly excels. By utilizing the 'chat' function, you can easily fetch specific data sets. When sending a message to the plugin, remember to include the property ID number, start date, end date, and the requested metrics. For instance, you can fetch valuable information such as bounce rate, sessions, and users, for a specific property and date range by simply requesting, "Fetch bounce rate, sessions, users from DD-MM-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY for property ID: XXXXXXXXX."

One of the standout features of AnalyticsAI is its ability to present data in a user-friendly format. The plugin ensures that the retrieved data is easily understandable, allowing you to efficiently analyze and interpret the information as per your requirements.

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