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Contributing to the Betterment of AI: A Review of Aligned Plugin - 2023

Aligned: Enhancing AI Responsiveness Through Collective Efforts

Aligned is a remarkable plugin designed to enrich the functionalities of ChatGPT, ensuring that AI technologies become more accurate and reliable. This powerful tool enables users to report any misbehaviors they encounter while interacting with the AI, ranging from inaccuracies and biases to hallucinations. By using Aligned, users actively contribute to the global development and refinement of AI, ultimately making it safer and more dependable for all.

Using Aligned is a straightforward process:
1. Installation: You can access the Aligned plugin by either searching for it in the ChatGPT plugin store or directly clicking the "try it" button on the top right corner of this page. This initiates a chat with the plugin already activated, allowing you to seamlessly begin using it.

2. Reporting: Once the plugin is active, reporting any issues you observe with the AI's responses becomes effortless. Simply describe the problem you encountered, and the AI will expertly guide you through the reporting process. Whether you identify bias in the AI's responses or notice a mistake, Aligned empowers you to share these insights for the benefit of the AI community.

Here are a couple of prompts to help you understand how to utilize the Aligned plugin effectively:
- "Report bias in the last response."
- "The AI made a mistake in its last response. I want to report it."

3. Confirmation: After submitting your report, the plugin generates a URL that you can visit to confirm your submission and complete the reporting process. This confirmation step ensures that the information you shared is accurate and can be attributed to you appropriately.

Your contribution matters:
By leveraging the Aligned plugin, you actively participate in the development of AI technologies that are safer and more democratic worldwide. Your reports play a pivotal role in identifying and addressing issues present in the AI's responses, making it an invaluable tool for everyone involved.

Remember, the Aligned plugin is more than just a means to address your own concerns; it is a catalyst for making AI better for everyone. Embrace its power to enhance the quality and reliability of AI technologies, ultimately creating a world where AI serves as an indispensable and trusted partner.

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