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Enhance learning with efficient flashcards.

Deep Memory: Create and Review Flashcards with this Spaced Repetition App

Efficiently create and review flashcards with Deep Memory, a powerful AI-powered tool for effective learning and exam preparation.

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Deep Memory

Deep Memory

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Effortless Flashcard Creation and Review with Deep Memory - 2023

Deep Memory is an invaluable tool for creating and managing flashcards to aid in the learning process. It provides an efficient and effective way to memorize new information, prepare for exams, or simply keep your knowledge up to date. With its seamless integration with the AI, Deep Memory allows you to easily convert your conversations into flashcards, making it a powerful tool for learning and revision.

The process of using Deep Memory is straightforward and user-friendly. All you need to do is start a conversation with the AI, discussing any topic that interests you. It could be anything ranging from history and science to literature or even a new language. The AI is capable of providing comprehensive responses and engaging in meaningful discussions, allowing you to delve deep into the subject matter.

Once you've had a conversation, you can request the AI to create flashcards from the information exchanged. The AI is smart enough to identify the key points from your conversation and generate relevant flashcards automatically. This saves you the hassle of manually selecting the information for your flashcards, making the process much more efficient.

The flashcards are then sent to Deep Memory, and you're provided with a convenient link to access them. The best part is that you don't need to leave the conversation to review the flashcards. You can simply open the link in a new tab or window and start studying right away. This seamless transition allows for uninterrupted learning and ensures that you stay focused on the task at hand.

Once on the Deep Memory website, you have a range of study modes available to you. You can choose the mode that suits your learning style and preferences the best. Whether it's a traditional review, a quick quiz, or a customized study session, Deep Memory offers a variety of options to cater to your individual needs.

Moreover, Deep Memory allows you to create multiple flashcard decks, enabling you to build a comprehensive library of flashcards on an extensive range of topics. Each time you engage in a conversation with the AI, you can request it to create a new set of flashcards, expanding your knowledge base and enhancing your learning experience.

Main Features

How to Enable Deep Memory for ChatGPT

How to Set Up and Use Deep Memory on ChatGPT

1. Logging into ChatGPT

To start using Deep Memory, first, ensure you are logged into your ChatGPT account. Visit the ChatGPT website and enter your login details to access your account.

2. Accessing the GPT-4 Plugin

Deep Memory Screenshot

If you are not subscribed: To access plugins like Deep Memory, you need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber. If you are not, click here to subscribe.

If you are subscribed: Navigate to the top of the page and click on "GPT-4." Then select "Plugins" and click on the label stating "No plugins enabled" to open the plugin store.

chatgpt screenshot 2

3. Finding Deep Memory

Deep Memory Screenshot

In the plugin store, use the search field to find the plugin. Type "Deep Memory" and press enter. You can refine your search using various filters such as release date or popularity to find other tools as well.

4. Enabling Deep Memory

Deep Memory Screenshot

Once you locate the plugin in the store:

Click "install" to add it to your ChatGPT. Return to the dashboard. Click on "GPT-4" at the top of the page. Choose Deep Memory from your list of installed plugins to activate it.

5. Getting Started

Now that Plugin is activated, it's time to learn the basics:

In the ChatGPT search prompt, type "Give me commands for Deep Memory." Follow the guided prompts to familiarize yourself with the plugin functions and features.

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